Tacoma Floors Elite Membership – Deep Discount Wholesale Pricing of Flooring, Cabinets, Countertops, and More



“Tacoma Floors Elite Members”


We Will Do the Selling!
We Only Want Referrals!



So, who are Tacoma Floors Elite Members?

Practically Every One – Every Person who speaks to another person who is searching for a Quality Company to provide 5-Star Floor Covering, Cabinetry, and Countertop Installations.

Real Estate Agents, can make more money in their Real Estate Practice, Designers, Contractors, Installers, DIY Weekend Warriors, Flippers, Sale Agents, Your Next-Door Neighbor. This Opportunity can create that Extra Monthly Income You’ve been looking for. Easily make Money Today without a job, and without working, just sharing a quality company. Referrals pay.

Here is How it Works:

Step 1. Fill in the Membership Form on this page.

Step 2. Wait for our email back to you confirming that you are now Registered as a Tacoma Floors Elite Member.

NOW, when you Send us Potential Customer Names, with their contact info by Email, or by Calling Us to Register their name, or company, they will be Registered Under Your Membership Account. If they are already registered under another Membership, we will inform you immediately.


Please Choose Which Ones Apply To You

InstallerDesignerContractorCommercial ManagementHouse FlipperDIY Weekend Warrior

Let’s Breakdown the Benefits:

FIRSTMAKE EXTRA MONEY! For every Potential Customer you Refer to Tacoma Floors that actually books and completes a Flooring, Cabinet, or Countertop purchase and Installation we will pay you from 3% to 5% of the Total Invoice, including Installation cost, before taxes! Even if they just purchase the product.

SECONDDISCOUNT PRICING! Every time you contact Tacoma Floors as an Elite Member, immediate discounting begins on the products and/or services you are looking to buy.

THIRDCLIENT PRIVACY! “Tacoma Floors Client Privacy Act” – Send your clients to us with Confidence to choose what they want, or we will go to them! Because They Are Always Your Client! When you Register your client with us, we will always Honor Your Relationship with them!


When the job booked and competed is $2,500 or less, before taxes, we will pay you a 5% referral fee of the gross amount upon completion and payment by the customer. If the job booked and competed is $2,501 or greater, before taxes, we will pay you a 3% referral fee of the gross purchase upon its completion and payment by the customer. We payout at the end of each month for completed work of the month prior.

As an example: A customer and their project referred completes and totals $2,500 Gross before taxes, we will pay you $125.00 fee, or a $15,000 kitchen remodel, we’ll pay you a $450.00 fee. If you send us 5 of those customers a month, the numbers can really add up quickly. You are responsible for your own taxes as a 1099 contractor.

Simply sign up as a “Tacoma Floors Elite Member” and start making money for Tomorrow, Today! Give us a call at 253-426-1145 to get more details on how our program can help you, your business, and your customers get the best product and services for the best price.

For years, Tacoma Floors has provided for Individual Homes, Churches, Schools and Businesses of all sizes by fulfilling their design needs with the right Residential & Commercial Flooring, Cabinetry, and Countertop installations and product choices. We carry the largest selections of products in Washington state. We look forward to your visit to our Tacoma Floors Buying Center, or we will come to you. Visit our Showroom online here, and let us to serve your needs today.